BearSkin -Temporary Camouflage Tattoo - Mossy Oak Break-up

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Bearskin T.C.T. (Temporary Camouflage Tattoo)


Offered exclusively by Beartooth, BearSkin T.C.T. is a temporary camouflage tattoo that can be applied directly to the skin using water. Safely and easily convert your skin to nature’s surroundings using the best camouflage patterns of today. No more messy face paint, hot masks, or cumbersome netting. Hypo-allergenic, FDA approved non-toxic inks that are safe to the skin and extremely realistic. Offered in: Mossy Oak Break-up and Brush, Advantage Max-4 HD, and Realtree Hardwoods HD

Get Barely Noticed – Get BearSkin

BearSkin T.C.T. - Mossy Oak Break-up

Each kit contains: (8) 4.25” x 5.5” strips

Get Barely Noticed - Get BearSkin!