Carry Handle Mount with Integral Tactical Rings & Picatinny Tri-

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  • See-Thru Carry Handle Mounting Deck with 3- Positions for Additional Eye-Relief Adjustment
  • Integral Deluxe Tactical Rings to Provide Solid Housing for any 1” Tube Scope
  • Picatinny Tri-Rails for Flashlight, Laser and Additional Accessory Applications
  • Unique Horizontal Ring Assembly to Guarantee Complete Fit and Levelness
  • Creative Deflectable Leaf Design to Achieve Total Stability as well as Easy Adjustment of Scope in Ring Housing
  • Ideal Height, Length and Spacing of Tri-Rails to Accommodate Most Versatile Applications
  • Superior Quality Flat Top Adaptor with Retention Thumb Nuts to Fit on any Picatinny and Weaver Rails

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