Hickory Smoked Garlic and Pepper Blend (100gm)

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Hickory Smoked Garlic and Pepper Blend (100gm)

Hickory smoked Garlic and Pepper powder can be used in foods or on food. You can add this new blend to to any food including sauces, stir frys, baked potatoes, Jerky or sprinkle on your BBQ meats and add to soups. Primarily garlic with a hint of pepper and a flash of smoke.

Great sprinkled on a fresh fish or roasting chook or piece of beef or pork. Great added to a white cheese sauce or even sprinkled on veggies like cauliflower. The uses are endless.

Particularly good in stuffings or add some salt to make an all purpose table condiment.

This product is in constant use in our kitchen!