Intergrated Foregrip and Trigger Guard/Flashlight Adapter

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    The FGGK Two-Position Foregrip and Tactical Light Mount transforms from horizontal to vertical by the push of a button,incorporating an adjustable sliding trigger guard enhancing your weapons safety feature and provides a tactical variant to your natural "fighting stanch".


  • Trigger Guard Enhances Your Weapon's Safety Features by Securing "Loaded Chamber" Carry

  • Designed to Hold any 1" Diameter Tactical Flashlight and Allows Quick and Easy Operation

  • Easily Fits on Firearm and Secured to Accessory Rail by 2 Bolts

  • Tactical Light Secured on the Mount by a Quick Release Locking System that Allows Swift Mounting and Release of the Tactical Light, a Great Advantage for the Recharging Lights

  • The Two holes on the Sides with Side Switches Allow Ambidextrous Operation of Flashlights

  • Fits Handguards Equipped with a Weaver or Picatinny Rail System

  • No Gunsmith Required

  • Molded from Reinforced Polymer Composite, Super Lightweight