Remington 7600/7615P Receiver End Plate Sling Attachment

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The newly introduced Remington 7600/ 7615P pump action rifle is an economical law enforcement and civilian tactical weapon. A tactical accessory we think improves its overall flexibility in this role, is the NEW REMINGTON 7615P RECEIVER END PLATE SLING ATTACHMENT. Single point tactical slings attached to shoulder-mounted combat weapons including this newly introduced tactical rifle, have become quite popular in military and law enforcement special operations circles as well as in civilian self defense. These systems permit the operator to mount the weapon on either the primary or offside shoulder. As a result, during dynamic entries it becomes easier to cut the pie at doorways and move around corners, whether they are on the right side or left side, without telegraphing the operators position. In addition, slings attached to a single point mount work especially well when operators are deployed wearing body armor or are involved in breeching operations. The preferred mounting point for slings of this type is directly behind the receiver and in front of the buttstock.

The NEW REMINGTON 7615P RECEIVER END PLATE SLING ATTACHMENT is precision machined from 7075 aircraft grade billet aluminum alloy and Type III hard anodized matte black, and is manufactured for the rigors associated with professional use. This new addition to the line of Single Point Sling Attachments will accommodate slings up to 1 1/4 in width. It can easily be installed by the operator. A dual point sling can also be employed with this innovative tactical accessory in conjunction with the factory front sling attachment.