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DVD, 3 disc set, 4 hours. From the training arm of Magpul Industries, these hard-hitting programs cover development of a combat mindset and the fundamental techniques of employing a tactical carbine effectively under stress. Seasoned instructors with extensive real-world combat experience, hosts Travis Haley and Chris Costa demonstrate the concepts through live-fire drills captured in crystal clear, wide-screen video. Topics include: gear selection, using optics and iron sights, stance, weapon grip/recoil control, shooting positions, tactical reloads, correcting malfunctions, shooting on the move, barricade drills, individual/team live-fire drills, threat analysis, multiple target engagement, transition to secondary weapon, and shooting around a vehicle. Disc 3 has detailed, multiple-angle breakdowns of drills from Discs 1 and 2 in slow motion, plus info on weapon accessories, disassembly and maintenance, storage, and transport of weapons.